Leadership Lecture Series 2018: “The Critical Importance of Communication Skills in the Services Industry and Usability of Content and Digital Marketing” – Mr. Amit Kapoor, Associate Director, Cigniti Technologies

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On 6th January 2018, TAPMI hosted the first talk of the Leadership Lecture Series 2018. The session was taken by Mr. Amit Kapoor on the topic “The Critical Importance of Communication Skills in the Services Industry and Usability of Content and Digital Marketing”. Mr. Kapoor, awarded as the ‘Most Influential Content Marketing Professional’ by the WMC, is a Global Top 200 Content Strategist, India’s Top 100 Content & Brand Custodian, an STC IAC Speaker, & an ET Columnist. The main focus of the talk was to emphasise the importance of communication in personal as well as professional life and to provide the students with the steps to improve their communication skills.

The session started off with Mr. Kapoor showing a Dilbert comic strip to the audience and asking them why does anyone need communication in their lives. From their answers, he drove the session. In Mr. Kapoor’s opinion, communication must include…

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My first blog for Techfest, IIT Bombay. Honoured, and humbled. Yes, excited too.


So What’s the POA?

A dear friend just asked me – what’s the POA?
POA? Was thinking for a few seconds.

Ah – Plan of Action (POA)! Hmm, let me delve on this.

As I said yesterday, I am a Technical Writer (TW) cum Proof reader cum Editor cum Product/Web UI visualizer cum some more – that’s who I am.

So obviously, I am not a robot built on some technology who can write. I am someone who passionately writes about technologies and products (- and a lot more) in a way that even a layman can understand their intricacies and functioning.

As a TW, my official job involves writing the various User Guides, Release Notes, Installation and Configuration Guides, Deployment Guides, Administration Guides, Security Guides, Performance Tuning Guides, Technical Reference Guides, and the Online Help for the various products. These, apart from editing (and sometimes writing) Tutorials, Case Studies, Technical Papers, White Papers, Website content, and more.

The unofficial part is what makes my life interesting – and a whole lot challenging. This part involves dealing with developers/managers – people – who I depend on at times to provide me the info I need to write. Apart from playing with the products so that I can understand them – and thereby write – better, there are certain things that need to be discussed with the developers who write the code and understand the technology.

So coming back to the POA. The current thought is to write about the following:

  • What I have learnt/experienced as a Technical Writer
  • What I have learnt about dealing with people
  • Most importantly, based on what I am reading, have read, and per discussions with my peers, which direction is our field – Technical Writing – headed
  • Summarization of articles from the various publications related to technical writing, for example, STC.
  • More. Please do let me know if there are more areas/topics that you may want to read about!

Write ahoy!

Hello Writer – and Reader – Friends!

The aim of this blog is to talk about the work I do – share some experiences and knowledge that may be helpful for anyone dabbling in the quirky world of language, or grammar. This blog also has some content that has been picked up while reading the works of other Writers, and I would like to thank them for sharing and increasing my knowledge.